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Movies on Mt. Fuji

 We produce a variety of video works. We screen movies in various events and public spaces in order to convey the contents of the erosion control projects widely to the public.

Sabo of Mt. Fuji - History and current
"Sabo of Mt. Fuji - History and current" (4 minutes 59 seconds)
The Osawa failure scrapes big west slope of Mt. Fuji intensely. In order to protect Mt. Fuji, disaster counter measures in this Osawa failure began.
This movie introduces the current state and the historical background of disaster controls at Mt. Fuji.
Debris Flow at Mt. Fuji - its Features
"Debris Flow at Mt. Fuji - its Features" (5 minutes 30 seconds)
The debris flow occurs at the Osawa failure of Mt. Fuji sometimes. This movie explains the mechanism of the debris flow generation and collapsing.
Sabo Projects in Osawa alluvial fan at the foot of Mt. Fuji
"Sabo Projects in Osawa Alluvial Fan at the Foot of Mt. Fuji" (4 minutes 53 seconds)
In order to protect residents from debris flow disasters, we promote countermeasure works on the basis of broad-based disaster plans. This movie introduces its overview.
Aya Kouda - Kuzure - Osawa failure of Mt. Fuji
"Aya Kouda - Kuzure - Osawa failure of Mt. Fuji" (12 minutes 27 seconds)
Aya Kouda, daughter of a great writer?Rohan Koda, coincidentally saw the Otani collapse at the Abe River upstream in one day after she became 72 years old. She had been greatly impressed to its grandeur and powerful appearance. Since then, she visited collapses around the country, and finished writing a great book called Kuzure - The Collapse. his video shows the Osawa failure with her point of view.
The Water From Mt. Fuji
"The Water From Mt. Fuji" (11 minutes 7 seconds)
The amount of rain and snow falls on Mt. Fuji is said to be more than 2 billion tons. They become spring water through time and gives profit to the surrounding community life. On the other hand, rain and melted snow often becomes a debris flow in the Osawa failure and will cause a disaster.
This movie shows the dual nature of "Mt. Fuji water" scientifically.