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Lava Flow 3 Dimensional Map & Simulation

Mt. Fuji Sabo office has created the "Mt. Fuji lava flow three-dimensional map" to easily find out about the reach range of lava flowed. This helps the visitors and residents for deeper understanding about volcano disaster prevention.

 'Lava flow three-dimensional map' can be stereoscopic and video displayed at any point of view, so we can recognise more easy about a situation in which way the lava flew out.

There are 2 point to focus on:

1. Information about the movement of how the flow with the lapse of time
2. Understanding the positional relationship of familiar areas and the expected damage range

 From the movie links below, you can see the simulated flows of lava as samples extracted from the "Mt. Fuji lava flow three-dimensional map". (Fixed viewpoint movies)

Sample movies from the 'Lava flow three-dimensional map'
Click the picture to watch the sample movies. (To watch the video, you need to have Microsoft Windows Media Player)
Fujiyoshida direction Fujikawaguchiko direction Gotemba city direction
Fuji City direction Fujinomiya city direction fujinomiya city direction
These simulations will be different from the real flow of lava with the effect of the crater position and terrain.
In addition, there are no signs of eruption happening at Mt. Fuji at this moment.
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