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About 70% of the land in Japan has been formed by the mountains. It belongs to the Ring of Fire and its land is a part of the Asian monsoon region. Therefore, people's lives has been threatened by variety of disasters, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, debris flow caused by heavy rain, landslide, collapse of cliff. The action to prevent from those disasters are called "Sabo" in Japan.

Fuji Sabo Office promotes 3 projects.
1. Prevention of sediment related disasters: Measures for Osawa Alluvial Fan and Measures for torrents at the southwest base of the mountain.
2. Volcanic Sabo investigation: Investigation for the prevention of sediment-related disasters caused by volcanic activities of Mt. Fuji.
3. Yui landslide control project: Landsilide control project directly supervised by the central gverment. The project site is very important for Japanese economic activity, because the National Route 1, Tomei Expressway and Tokaido Line which are a Japanese main artery exist along the narrow shoreline.

Project Overview in This Year

This year's project overview will be able to download (PDF format/Japanese version only) .

Project Overview 2015

2015 Project Overview (PDF: 9,223KB)

Three Projects

Mt. Fuji & Sabo Project

The Osawa failure exists on the west slope of Mt. Fuji and it still in collapse. This office carries out the Sabo project to prevent form sediment disasters at the foot of southwest area of Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji & Sabo Project

Volcanic Sabo investigation

It has been predicted that enormous disaster occurs by eruption of Mt. Fuji. We investigats for the prevention of sediment-related disasters caused by volcanic activities.

Volcanic Sabo investigation

Yui landslide control project

The landslide countermeasure project was started by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism in 2005 to prevent huge scale disaster caused by heavy rain and earthquakes.

Yui landslide control project