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Surveys and Testing Projects

The prevention of sand erosion in Osawa Failure, where the vast majority of sand-debris originates, was the theme of this project from the beginning. But soon, we faced the technical difficulties, due to its geographical features, difficulties in Material Handling, harmony with the landscape severe weather conditions near the summit of Mt. Fuji, etc. Therefore,we could not undertake construction work immediately.
We have, however, been exploring possibly feasible schemes, enforcing various surveys and testing projects.

Harmony with the Landscape
Mt. Fuji Sabo office has started th "Mt. Fuji Waterhead Area Surveys and Testing Projects" in the purpose of exploring the possibly feasible schemes, enforcing various surveys and testing projects from 1982. (Predecessor of this project of the investigation had started in 1968.)
We have cooperated with the authorities, Ministry of the Environment, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Forestry Agency and Yamanashi Prefecture, in this series of projects.

The purpose of the waterhead area surveys and testing projects are:
1.Workability in the conditions about high altitude, steep slopes, and low temperature areas
2.Effects of weather conditions in high-altitude scheduling, productivity and quality
3.Impact on the workers under harsh environments
4.Problems about transportation of materials and equipment, and commuting of workers
5.On the facilities, effect of the debris flow movement, and adaptability to weather conditions
6.Safety management and techniques for the construction work
7.Restoration techniques of vegetation
8.Impact on the natural environment due to the construction work
Investigation Project Site

We have installed more than 30 kinds of test constructions by 2006.
Sabo dam: 1
Bank works: 2
Waterfall protection works: 4
Prevention fence for falling stone: 3.1ha
Slope protection work: 465m2
Steel fance work: 324m2
Erosion front measures works: 116m
planting work on hillside: 2,800m2

 We have also started to construct the riverbed protecting works which proposed the 'Mt. Fuji Osawa River waterhead area measures and Technical Review Board' since 2007. As the first achievement of this protecting works, the 1st cross-dike has been installed in 2012 and we have been monitoring of the facility effect.
 By the success of the protecting effects for the riverbed and river banks, we have started to install the 2nd cross-dike from 2013.
The Cross-dike No.1
  Waterfall Protection Works
Transportation of Materials and Equipments   Steel Fence Works
Slope 'A' in a Panoramic View   Soil Spraying Works