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Technology Development

In order to carry out the projects in safe and in consideration of the environment, we developed unmanned construction machineries and promoted the operation with unmanned construction by helicopters.

1. development of the unmanned construction machineries

For the safety reason, we developed a variety of unmanned construction machineries to maneuver in remote. (Robotization).
A concrete spraying robot?developed in 2001?made a good contribution in the survey work at the Mt. Fuji waterhead area in 2002 to 2003.
Concrete Spraying Robot (2002) Prevention Measures for Scoria Layers Erosion (2004)

2. Unmanned construction by helicopters

With the know-how work of the helicopter transportation, the construction method helped start the first cross-dike helicopter (established in 2007).
Water Drilling by Helicopters
Concrete placement by Helicopters