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Measures and Prevention Works

Measures for Torrents at the Southwest Base of Mt.Fuji

Sabo Facilities at the Osawa Alluvial Fan

There is no suitable dam site in the Osawa alluvial fan topographically, so we created a sedimentation space. It is artificially with training dikes, and built with a maximum class of debris flow countermeasure facilities which is 4km in length and 1.1km maximum width.
The main facilities are embanked which lead sediment to sand pockets safely.
Training dikes that prevent from spreading sediment widely and control its flow, groundsills and drop structures that decrease the river gradient and fixing sediment, sedimentation basins that prevent secondary outflow of sediment, Sediment-control forest zones enhance the work of sand pockets and more.
We are using the concrete blocks up to a total of about 20 million units to be able to respond to the changes of the ground.
In the lower reach after these series of facilities, channel consolidation works are installed for erosion control to not damage the riverbeds or riverbanks.
We maintain the facilities and also remove stones and rubbles to make sediment storages.
After screening and fracturing, sedimentation in the Osawa sand pocket would be used to various purposes of public works. For example, beach improvement materials, road bed materials etc.