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Active Volcano, Mt. Fuji

Low-frequency earthquakes in the underground of Mt. Fuji occurred frequently. (October- December 2000)
In the underground of Mt. Fuji, "low-frequency earthquakes" (typical for volcanic lands), have been observed.
"Low-frequency earthquakes" are earthquakes of slow vibration, and it will often be observed in the crater around the active volcano.
At Mt. Fuji, more than about 470 times low-frequency earthquakes had been confirmed over October-December 2000.
A low-frequency earthquake mechanism still has many unknown parts and its observed case is very few. On the other hand, there are some cases about low-frequency earthquakes associated with eruptions and volcanic activities. It is considered to have occurred in relation to volcanic activities in the deep underground and the movement of the magma.

It was not observed as what lead to direct eruption because there were no tendency in epicenter risings and no volcanic signs. Since then, We have observe no active low-frequency earthquakes at Mt. Fuji, but it is likely that we continue to take care in the future.

The Current State of the Osawa Failure

The Osawa failure has been producing a large amount of debris and brought debris flow. We report the current state of the Osawa failure and its colluption mechanisms.

Observation System

To monitor the activities of debris flowings of the Osawa River and torrrents, we have developed, installed and maintained many surveillance cameras and sensors.

Technology Development

In order to carry out the projects in safe and in consideration of the environment, we developed unmanned construction machineries and promoted the operation with unmanned construction by helicopters.

Volcanic Sabo Investigation

To prevent disasters and to protect the landscape, we have been exploring possibly feasible schemes, enforcing various surveys and testing projects.

Lava Flow 3 Dimensional Map & Simulation

Mt. Fuji Sabo office has created the "Mt. Fuji lava flow three-dimensional map" for easier find out about the reach range of lava flowed. This also helps the visitors and residents for deeper understanding about volcano disaster prevention.